NYTSO POTVORNO - About the Future, the Past, and the Past


The problem of mined Ukrainian territories has been, is, and unfortunately will last for many years to come. If you envision our future after the war, where you can go fishing in shorts rather than in protective gear, then this issue needs to be addressed today. Join the fundraiser for metal detectors together with "Come Back Alive" and Ukraine.ua: https://bit.ly/3U3RClm


Ðœusic and lyrics author, performer: Nytso Potvorno
Dancer and choreographer: Anatoliy Vodzyansky

Idea author, director: Oleksiy Novikov
DoP: Volodymyr Usyk
Sound engineer: Andriy Rogachov
Editing director: Denys Zakharov
Costume designer: Olena Oveyan
Production designer: Ararat Ovakimyan
Chief pyrotechnician: Yevheniy Antypenko (senior "Come Back Alive" sapper instructor)
Drone operator: "Gleb" (senior "Come Back Alive" UAV training instructor)
CGI: Oleksii Tarasenko and Yulianna Pakhnii (Raketa Film)
Color correction: Viktoriya Makarova
Project manager: Yuliya Rodchenko
Production manager: Hanna Kapatsinka

We express gratitude for the assistance in the creation of the project to Taras Chmut, Pavlo Herman, Olha Omelyanchuk, Anatoliy Hayevsky, Andriy Rymaruk, and all other good people from the "Come Back Alive" team, Serhiy Chabanny, Andriy Zakharchenko and Partiot Rental, Marianna Novikova.