• Director: Oleksii Novikov
    DOPs: Max Zinchuk, Maksym Limansky
    Music: Mykyta Moiseiev
    Editing: Alexander Legostaev
    Client: Come Back Alive Foundation, Invictus Team Ukraine
    Coin created by: metal_time_if, Stoliari

    INVICTUS Team Ukraine showed its hardened spirit and exhausting training in the Hague’s Invictus Games Event 2022. Thanks to Ivano-Frankivsk blacksmiths, the Come Back Alive team immortalized this rank in metal, creating a team coin. During this year's Invictus Games The Hague 2022, the Ukrainian national team shared these coins at receptions and celebrations, meetings with colleagues from other countries, politicians, and members of the British royal family.

    Now every owner, no matter where he comes from, will be reminded of the feat that the Ukrainian people are currently doing at the frontlines and the power of the people who represented Ukraine in the Netherlands.

    Today every Ukrainian is INVICTUS!