Have a peaceful night, Ukraine!


Producer: Anna Kapatsinka
Director, author of idea: Oleksii Novikov
Animation director: Yuriy Motrych
Director of photography: Max Rudenko
Aerial photography operator: Andrii Kyrgyzov
Editing director: Ihor Kosenko
Colorist: Anastasia Chervona
Sound director: Andrii Rohachev
Music: "Viona's Lullaby" by Peter Sandberg
Casting manager: Oleksandr Pylypenko
Logistic support: Ihor Abramiuk

The people of my native country are waging a full-scale war against Russia today, resisting its suicidal attempt to implement genocide against Ukrainians and destroy our state. It is not surprising we see so many mil-style communications these days, so I tried to highlight this TVC against the general background by choosing a somewhat fairy-tale approach.

"Come Back Alive" is the largest Ukrainian charity fund. It helps our defenders return to their families alive and well from the war, providing the Ukrainian resistance with day, night, and thermal imaging optics, means of communication and personal protection, SUVs, technical means of intelligence, and so on. Donates are welcome here: savelife.in.ua/en/donate-en

Whoa! "Come Back Aliveā€ reports its incomes and outcomes in real-time: savelife.in.ua/en/reports-en/